The Problem

Developing products for the autism community requires a unique combination of skills, talents, and experiences that span across multiple disciplines.

Although developing products is a major challenge, it is only the first step in approaching some of the biggest challenges facing the autism community.

The challenges that loom after product development are tremendous. Through research and experience with bringing products to market, Blue Umbrella has identified key barriers to innovation in the autism space.

Autism Innovators Face 3 Key Barriers


Entrepreneurs can’t easily access those who are motivated to pay for autism


Entrepreneurs can’t easily determine the value of solving problems for people with autism 


Entrepreneurs can’t easily gain the deep understanding needed to design solutions 


Solution: Accelerate Autism Innovation


Bring high impact research based autism technology and services to market faster 


“De-risk” autism investing and adopting innovative technologies for autism 


Facilitate the flow of talent into technology driven autism products and services 


Build global network of technologists, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, researchers, mentors and companies with distribution


Generate a mix of funding sources with a variety of social and economic return targets


Enable health insurers, education companies, autism service providers and employers to discover and access innovative data and technology

Blue Umbrella’s

Autism Innovation Platform


For entrepreneurs and corporate innovators, we provides direct links to buyers, market sizing data, and relationships to the autism community and researchers.

For insurance and education companies, employers, autism service providers, and government Blue Umbrella is provides access to high-quality solutions and experts


Our Roadmap

We are incredibly excited about what the Blue Umbrella team aims to achieve over the next two years. We are initial focusing in a few key areas:

  • Phase I

    • Enabling Autism Employment Tech and Services companies secure Pilot Projects with Employers

    • Connecting autism companies to advisors

    • Connecting autism companies with investors

  • Phase 2

    • Enabling buyers to discover innovative autism and neuro tech companies via the BlueUmbrella innovation database.

    • Enabling autism companies with educational and behavioral health solutions to connect with corporations with employees with kids on the spectrum and the insurance companies that cover their employees.

  • Phase 3

    • Hosting accelerators, hackathons, and tech meetups

    • Organizing an annual autism innovation conference

    • Consulting with companies holding intellectual property and products that could be useful in the autism space